“Stronger Shines the Light Inside”: A Photo Exhibit of Idaho Refugees

Stronger Shines the light

A notable Los Angeles photographer, Angie Smith, has recently received a grant from the Boise City Department of Arts and History to create a photo exhibit of Idaho refugees. The project, entitled “Stronger Shines the Light Inside,” will consist of a series of portraits (around 30-45 final images) of individual refugees and families living in Boise. The portraits will reflect the refugee experience in Idaho, illuminate the rich cultural traditions that refugees bring to the Boise community, and highlight the refugees’ dreams for life in America.

Smith plans to take frequent trips to Boise (where her parents reside) in the coming months, in order to take portraits of members of each ethnic group that has resettled in Boise in the last 15 years and to conduct informal interviews of pictured individuals. She will compile the photographs and interviews, displaying the name of the subject, the country of origin, and an excerpted quote from the interview under each photograph. The series will be premiered on vinyl banners at First Thursday on September 3rd, 2016, as well as displayed in various locations in Downtown Boise for one to two months following the premiere.  Stay tuned for more information about this exciting project!

To learn more about the project and to volunteer or contribute, like and follow the “Stronger Shines the Light Inside” Facebook and Instagram accounts and check out the project website (especially the get involved page!).


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