Mark Your Calendars – 7 Days in Syria Screening, November 19th – 7:00 PM

—Tickets $12, Flicks – 646 Fulton Street—

syria pic

On November 19th, The Agency for New Americans presents a movie night fundraising event, featuring the documentary 7 Days in Syria. Directed by Robert Rippberger, the film follows Newsweek Middle East editor Janine di Giovanni as she puts her life on the line to document the sufferings of the Syrian people, despite the fact that her request to report from within Syria was denied. Needless to say, the documentary is both timely and horrific, turning the numbers and pictures we see in the news into undeniable realities.

Throughout the film, we meet civilians just like us, such as a Syrian teenager who was studying economics until his university was bombed and a young girl who was almost killed by a mortar that goes off while she sings in the marketplace. And, we meet the heroes of the conflict: young doctors working long hours at a hospital, a carpenter-turned-baker, and a construction worker-turned-gravedigger. Finally, we see the lengths that di Giovanni’s crew and participants go to shed light on the conflict, as two men associated with the film are kidnapped and killed.

Tickets are $12 each and are available at The Agency for New Americans, 1614 W. Jefferson St. Boise, ID 83702, or The Flicks Ticket Office. Funds raised from this event directly address the needs of refugees, particularly women as they attempt to rebuild their lives and gain independence and self-sufficiency in their country. To learn more about Agency for New Americans, check out their website .


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