Community comes together to help Glenbrook Tenants


As Glenbrook tenants faced the deadline for the 30-day eviction notice this past week, community members have come together in a final push to help with the relocation of refugees. Along with the dozens of volunteers who have spent the last few weeks helping with housing applications and relocation preparation, a group of high school students spent last Saturday moving several families into new apartments. After reaching out to the International Rescue Committee, local youth group leader Katie Seide brought high school football players and the Agape Youth in Action Group together, rented a U-Haul, and put the students to work for the day.

The high school students weren’t the only ones to step up to the plate before the eviction deadline. The Chobani foundation, a charitable offshoot of the Idaho-based yogurt maker, recently announced their generous donation to the Glenbrook tenants, which, according to the IRC, will be enough to help most tenants find and retain housing. Evidently, the donation comes at an opportune time, as many of the apartments are still occupied, and even those who have found a place will struggle to pay their rent. Thanks to this generous donation and countless volunteer hours from community members and refugee organizations, Glenbrook tenants will be able to find new homes.

To learn more about efforts to help Glenbrook tenants, please see links below:


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